Les Antone, Kwantlen, Alternate

Les Antone

Les Antone, traditionally named Statlomot, lives in q’ʷa:n̓ƛ’ən̓/Kwantlen First Nation IR6, in Fort Langley. He is married with three children and three grandchildren. Having been on council since 1994, he saw the fisheries portfolio, government-to-government meetings and overall direction evolving over the 27 years with the council. Les participates on many committees through the LFFA and Kwantlen. Kwantlen joined the FNFLF with the other 5 communities to address the ongoing declines in fishing that threatened the way of life our past councils and First Nations enjoyed since time immemorial. Les works to honor and protect precious salmon as best he can during this unprecedented time of no fishing and stocks of concern list increases. He is hoping for a better future for next generations as we make changes for the better of all.