Developing a Bio-Cultural Framework for Fish Habitat & Water Assessments

The Bio-Cultural Framework project aims to align Indigenous knowledge and Western scientific knowledge in the management of fish and freshwater resources. This is achieved by using bio-cultural indicators to develop a community-based water monitoring framework that integrates First Nations values to collect baseline data for the assessment of water quality, quantity and habitat health.  Once established, the framework will help express First Nations values, monitor … Read more

UAV Habitat Mapping to Inform Wild Salmon Stewardship

The UAV Habitat Mapping project aims to enhance capacity for monitoring and management of wild salmon habitat in First Nations through the integration of community mapping and geospatial technologies. This project will inventory baseline data, local fish habitat knowledge, and geospatial technologies available for undertaking long-term salmon habitat monitoring. This inventory will inform how we … Read more

The Silver Highway Project- an art installation project 

The Silver Highway Project is an opportunity to bring together a number of First Nations, academics, non-governmental and governmental partners to address key gaps in our collective understanding of the threats to sturgeon and eulachon freshwater and estuary habitats including an improved understanding of species interactions. This includes a public art installation to commemorate our … Read more